Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Noo Caril fer Yu

Musashi Sez:

So I asksed mai Ont Nansee about them 2 songs that I cudn’t thingk of, an she asksd her kitteez, Ambros an Qween Magda, an they sed the first one, WWYAMC = We Want Yarn an Minty Catnip. Huh. I did indeed fergetid that one. I gives you the firstest verse heer, so yu kin sing it along wift us.

We want yarn an minty catnip:
That is the theem of our song.
And if yu
Givs us tishoo paypr too,
Then we kin plae wift it
All yeer long.

As yu migt has notissd, this is in the catrgoree of Christmous List, lik that faymous song by that Ordr of Chipmonks, yu noe the one wher they sings how they wants a playn that loops-the-loop an also a hoolee-hoop.

Fyoo peeples noe about the chipmonks. They tayks vows to be obeedyunt an chays each other up an down trees. They not do that povertee thing tho.

This is offishul our firstest dae of Chrismous.

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