Friday, April 17, 2015

Chaysin the Red Dot, a epic pome by ME

Musashi Sez:

Well, Mom just toldid me that one of the reezons she has been writin an writin is that it is Aprul an that is National Poetree Monft. So she is writin her epic poem, which is a long pome about epic deeds. So I thoughtid that I would get in on the actshun. Wish me luck.

I pat the Muzes on the arm, repeatedly
To get their attenshun: Lo, the red dot
Will not chayse itself. I must do the deed!
They pay me no attenshun, so I pull
Wift my claws on their fansee white skirts.
What ho, fair muse? It is time to chayse
The red dot, an then writ fansee poetrees
About it. Why are yu pickin me up an throwin
Me out of the muse hall? That not fair!
The red dot MUST BE CHASED. I am goin
To tell my mom on you ladies! Yu are
Not doin yor jobs!! Shame on yous. Huh.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Which Our HERO Steals the Kapyooter fer a Whil

Musashi Sez:

This was posted four days ago, but I thinks Mom glitched it because then we cudnt find it. So here it is again.

Okay, I noe it has ben a while, but Mom has been abslootely HOGGIN the kapyooter again. She has this stoopid poetree blog she is writin so when she sends out her book lotsa peeples will buy it. I has been halpin as much as I can, by sittin on her hands to keep them warm whil she is writin or typing. Yer welcom. But now that she is off to the gym to egzercize so her brain dont overheat an get all explody, I can steal back the kapyooter fer a whil.

She leaves the books out an I sit on them an tell her which of the ones she doesnt need to read cuz they are borin. I sitted on this one book all about Greek history from when people ran aroun wearin sheets for some reason. I not unnerstan hoomin peoples, but I wud say bloo jeans are a betterer idear if you jus dont have enough fur.

Also, I has been thinkin about what to do fer spring. I mean I spent a lotsa time persuading ol Jack Frost to halp us get that sno record. Yu kin thank me laters. But if you has idears fer a new evil plot, I cud shur use yer halp.