Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This a Lettr in a Tin Can to Granpa

Hallo to my readrz, speshially Grandpa.

Last week started out great wift Mom celerbratytin havin dopted me eithg (8) years ago from Angell Memorial Hopsital. Eevn wift "Freeda" whu is livin wift us now bein all nosy an not lettin ME be nosy in return, stuffs has been perty gud.

But then Mom took me on a Trip, an tho it was not quite as longerer a trip as the last couple times, it was endless!!! And noises. And Trucks, and stuffs liek that: no funz!!!

But we has doenz this befores, and I allus gets a Medal fer Gallantree in the Fays of Shots! This time it shaped like a kittee!

But they seds I hads to go bak an get mai teefs cleened. And then when we wen bak and they puts me to shleep, they tukt TOO of MAI TEEFTS!!! An admitterly, they were the teefts that were hurtin me, but still!!!

And now they are squirtin icky stuffs down my throat, an it not the peeples at the vets orfice but my ONW MOM and also Marion, who is Freeda's Mom.

You gotsta talks to them an tell em to shtops! I bet this never happens to YOU!