Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mai Many Skillz

Musashi Sez:

Well, I has been sittin around fer two monfts tryin to think of somthin to write about. Mom sez that her hero Xena sez, “I has many skillz.” She sed, “Whut kin you do wift that?”

So I asksed her whut kinda skillz do Xena has? Parently, Xena kin do head-bashing, an nerve-pinching, an yodeling, and also embroidery. I don’t do any of those things, in part because I is a peaceful sort of kitty person, but also because of not havin posable thumbs.  But Mom sez that I has mad skillz anyway,  because I kin leap three times my height an not everbody kin do that. Even Mom can’t if you kin believe it, but I bet Xena can.

Also I am very gud at Shiatsu, and runnin around in circles very fast, an also soccer as long as you are patient. Mom sez I play soccer the way most folks play pool, thinking about mai shot before I takes it. I am very strategic that way.

I kin also read books by osmosis, which means by sleepin on them. I learned lotsa stuff about theology that way when Mom was studying very hard. I kin color but not exactly inside the lines, because of that thumbs problem. And I kin do yoga like nobody’s business! Huh.