Friday, February 24, 2012

The Boringness of that Gigantic Boet, and Also Simptomz

Musashi Sez:

Wull Mom has ben typin—tappity tappity—about that Gigantic Boet thing. Parrintlee, her adviser-gy tolded her to thin out the descrpshun bits, lik combin mai furr an coming out wift big egsitin balls’ o’ furr, but wiftout eethr the egsitingness or the akshul furr. Verree borin. But she sez that soon she’ll be working on the Ark bits, which have much more furr an also jirafs an zeeebraz, whu is by definishun egsityin, cuz of the necks an the stripeez.

(Thogh mebbe yu nuu that.)

So it not so hopless as it migt soun. Also, she is mosly doin less of that hed-splodin sneezery or the jus annoyin cougfin stuffs.

Which is verree gud, cus aftr all, I needz mai beautee sleeps, lik at leest 16 hors a day. An how can I do that when the knee on which I sleeps (when it dark) is doin this whol corfa-corfa-corfa….Gzdnkapowww! Corfa!


Bein Trickee wift Theesis Stuffs

Musashi Sez:

Wull, mai mom hads com up wift the 50 payjiz her perfessrz wantid. Hoorah, I thogt. But now they sez she has to forcast mor an re-arraynj lotsa stuffs. An it all has to happen by the middul of nex week! Ridicyoolus!

I wud rewrit all of it, if onlee I had thems hypr-activ thumz. It verree annoyin that I doesn’t have them, no mattr how manee blogs I writ, or how manee hours of “food channul” kitchin activitee I watchiz. Verree stupit if you aksks me.


Mom is jus lukkee that I not lik them othr kitteez whu gives their hoomin companyunz lotsa trubbulz.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Allerjeez, Runnin Praktis, an also Shrub Toozdae

Musashi Sez:

Wull, ferst I’d lik to point out that it ar 02/21/2012, an if yu wayts a few hors ther will be eevn mor of them 1s and os an 2s. But I not goin to, cuz by then I’ll be sleepin.

It hav been another bizzee week! Mom wuz bizzee scribbling an I wuz bizzee racin! verree fast! across the partmint! We has a noo roommayt, named Jayn, an she is pertee cool. She let me nap in mai chayr in her room when she doesn’t need to be typin.

Mom thogt she wuz sik this weekend, but now we thinks it wuz jus allerjeez, cuz she kept sneezing so hard I thogt her hed migt splode! But it din’t, so that’s OK.

Also, parintlee, todae is Shrub Toozdae, so she went ovr to skool fer pancayks fer dinnr, which mayk no sens to me. Pancayks is fer brekfist. Not that Mom evr mayk me them. (Altho, as she point out, I not mayk them fer her eethr, so fayr’s fayr.)

Mor importintlee, what has brekfist fud gots to do wift shrubs, an why they eets them fer dinnr?

Mom sez that holidaez are verree offin about turning stuffs upsid-down, and that why she goin to this skool in the ferts plays, cuz they liks doin the upsid-down thin.

Huh. Upsid-down. Next yu noe, she goin to be doin Yoger!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perpayrin fer Leep! Yeer Dae

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it has ben a bizzee wek or 2 an no mistayk. Mom has ben writin an thingkin, and I hav ben leapin! an runnin around! and nappin, so we have ben werkin verree hard to looz wayt and get strong an also that whol “theesis” thin. Mom sez that if I did mor of the writin, then she cud do mor of the nappin, which wud be betterer. Persnlee, I thinks that we shud boft do mor of sittin in small boksiz, but I figgr she won’t agree so I doezn’t bring it up.

An aneewae, the Leap! Year Olympiks is this yeer, so I has to mayk shur my Leapin! is gud enugf fer the innernashunnul competishuns.

Too bad Mom’s theesis has nofthin to do wift the leepin! Cuz I cud reellee halp her if it did. Huh.