Monday, October 31, 2011

Hulloween Skayreez!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, todae is Hulloween, when gosts and umpires an othr skaree typs jumps out from behind bushiz an cowchiz an yells, “Hullo!”

Mai mom wentid to costoom parteez on Satrdae, dressd as a Scottish vampyr, which meant she looked lik me wayrin a pladd vest. But her vest is too big fer me (an also kinda loud), so I jus go as a Vampyr. When I rollz upsid down, yu kin see mai skayree fangz.


(Yu skayrd yet? Hnrf, hnrf, hnrf!)

Mom Says:

For those of you who don’t speak Musashese, that is the sound of a smartypants laughing. Also, you should know that this photo is actually of Musashi himself, not a cat-fang model or a cheezactr. Photo by ©Michelle Peoples 2011.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mai Noo Littul Brothrz

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I am now offishlee a Big Brothr. Mai Mom’s frend, Mandr, jus adopted 2 plants to Mom, a fuzzee lookin fern an a hoya! Mom wuz goin to call the fern Fred an the hoya! Harriet, but then she desydid that Bert an Ernie wud be eezier to rememembr.

She sed I am goin to haz lotsa sponsabiliteez now, remyndin her to feed an wadder them. I aksed her whut plants eet, and she was tellin me about this cycle, an us breethin, an somthin calld See-Otoo, which soun lik that shinee gold fellr in the Star Warz moovee. Parintlee, plants eet robots.
Hmm. Mebbe I misundrstandid. I will tayk a nap on the cyklerpeedier tomorrer and see if I can’t sort it out that way. But that not eevn the most confuzzlin thin that I ben thingkin about wift regard to mai straynj noo leefee-greenee brothrz.
See, I thingk Mandr toldid mai mom the rong naym fer one of them plants. Okay, the hoya! look lik it soun. But the aspragrus fern? Huh. Mai mom eets lotsa that weerd aspragrus, an it not luk lik Bert. It luk lik Zibit A. Googul sez that fernz look lik Zibit B. Whut we gots luk mor like Zibit C.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleepin An Waykin an Lik That

Musashi Sez:

Somtimz mai mom has trubbl sleepin, an she wants me to settul down on her nee lik I allus do, but more qwiklier. I thingks that she is moslee in need of mai purrin. So yah, I purrs fer her, cuz hey, she buy mai littr an fud an moussee toyz. This is somthin them biznis stoodints call “sinnerjee.”

Aneewae, I not alwaez shur when she is havin trubbul sleepin or when she simplee has wokd up an is considrin veree deeplee the meenin of lyf or possibul whether it is tim to go to the baftroom. So moslee I aksks, espeshullee if it ar aftr 5:00 o’clock in the mornin, when is a gud tim to be waykin up, from mai opinyun, if not frum herz.

Moslee, she pat me on the hed an nod orf agen. Somtimz she mumbl, “Musashi, yu sutch a good boy. Why yu wayks me ZZZZZnorgfff…?”

An yu gotta admit, ther no reel ansr fer that.

So I jus pats her on the fays or on the arm until she wayk up enugf to say somthin helpful lik, “Mebbe we shud checks yer fud dish, Musashi!”

Which, as long as it not follrd immeedyatlee wift a “ZZZZZnorgfff,” is the start of a verree gud dae indeedy. An if that don’t work, I kin allus wait a few more hours fer her alarm to go off. That allus get her owt of bed in a hurree!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sooprman’z Dillemma

Musashi Sez:

Mai granpa sed somthin funnee to mai mom todae, about how Mistr Sooprman hasn’t got anee plays to chaynj his clothez now that all of them ol-fashund telefon boofts has gon awae. Mom sez mebbe he shud chaynj in them ATM closits.

I thingk they’r not lookin at the reel problim, which ar clothez. Hoomin peeples got this crayzee thing about wayrin all theez diffrint clothez all the tim, eevn tho clothez is egspensiv. They shud wayr fur insted. Yu nevr has to chaynj it, an it lick cleen verree eezy.

Of cors, hoomin peeples not hav sutch gud tongz fer lickin, so mebbee they will need to get big brushiz lik the one mom yooz on me somtimez. But thingk how much monnee they cud sayv an then they cud spend it on mor importint stuffs lik jingl ballz an catnip moussees. Huh.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Diffrints Fuds

Musashi Sez:

Hallo, hoomin an othr peeple Fanz! I is heer todae to celrbrayt “chikin an turkee” kinda fud. Mai mom was feedin me toonr fud, but she wuz getting nervus about how mutch merkree ther is in fish, cuz ‘parentlee, them fisheez yooz them ol’fashund merkree thermometrz wen they is sik, and this leed to bad stuffs, the deetaylz of which ar confuzzlin to me.

But ANYwhoo, mai mom has ben getting me nue fuds: chikin an turkee an stuffs lik that. All this is bringin me bak to mai orijnal feelyn hairy-tij. Wen I eetz it, I remembrz how my ansestr kitteez fougt on the savannr wift them chikinz, an turkeez an salminz.

Huh. Jus the memree alon mayk me feel lik a skaree, advenchursum fellr!

So I am OK wift the ideer of shiftin to a nue fud. Turnz out, iz verree hip to trai nue thins!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paws, Softball Batz, an Jenrul Giltee

Musashi Sez:

Recentlee, Mom has ben havin the crankee. She sez it ar becuz of me pattin her on the arm or fays or jumpin on her livr. She sez that it wud be wun thing if I did this at 7:30 a.m. on the dayz wen she haz gotta get up early (Mundae, Toozdae, Thirdsdae, an Frydae), which jus so happen to be mai daez orf. She thingk that mai workdaez, Wenzdae an Saturndae, partiklee at 5:17 in the mornin, shuld be much mor qwietr than they ar (Also, she a bit jellis that I onlee werks 2 daez and she hafta werk 5 daez.)

Forchoonatlee, Sundaez is both of us’s dae of rest an baythin an homwerks. So she reeds an reeds and reeds, an I spends the saym tim maykin shur that my chest an sholders an arms and pawz is cleen. Then I mayk shur that mai tummee an bak ar cleen. She watchiz me cleen maisalf inbtween her reedin. She sez yoosful stuffs lik, “Huh, yu missd a spot, Musashi” or “Aw, yu so cyoot, Musashi,” liks yu wud egspeckt a mothr-typ-persin to do. An somtim she muttr, “Huh, how com yu not so cyoot an qwiet at 5-30 o’clok in the mornin?”

An I doesn’t say nothin, cuz she reellee need to fokis on her homwerk, but I is thingkin verree hard about this fellr namd “Simin’s Kittee.” He is a moovee star!!! His hoomin persin has his own websyt to tell all about him, jus lik that faymusest kittee in Japan, naymed Maru. Yu kin find him an his firstest moovee at