Monday, December 27, 2010

A Post-Boxin Dae Caril

Musashi Sez:

Wull, Mom emayld me from wher she vizitin fer Chrismous. She sed she wantid to go souft fer the holidaez. But sins she's a teetchr, an not mayk oodulz of monee, she dozn't go verrree far: onlee to Nu Hayvn, in Conekticutycutt or somplays lik that. That wher mai Granpa an Granmom liv, wift mai Onkul Ben, whu is a Spanyul, which is a typ of doggee, if yu kin beleev it. Aneewae, ther wuz a snowstorm down ther, jus lik the one we hadsd up heer, an so she ben verree bizzee, not jus doin whut she call manyool laybr (which not got to do wift the reglar yool, as in yool-log or yooltid cheer), but also, becuz her dedrcayshun to mai literaree endevrz is so strong, she gayv me lotsa mateeryul fer mai blog todae. So heer is SIAWW= Shovlin in a Wintr Wundrland.

Shovel on! Snow is flyin!
Perttee street wift whit stuff pilin.
Wift crstulz of 6
An somtimz som sticks:
Shovlin in a wintr wundrland!

Gon awae is the sidwalk.
As they dig, neigbors grunt-talk
An grimmis all dae
The Eksimo wae,
Shovlin in a wintr wundrland.

In teh windo, kittee sits awatchin.
Tryin to pick up a trik or 2.
Mom sez that it's all about "writst akshun,"
But if that's so then why is her noez blu?

Laytr on, ovr coco,
Kittee sits on her cold toez
To warm them up 'til
She fall asleep, still
Dreemin of that shovlin wundrland.

So we liks this song, eevn tho Mom not seem qwyt so "Singin in the Sno" about it. I think it's cuz it's the govvermint's falt. See, yoozhul, the govvermint paes Jack Frotst subsideez to not com by so offin. But wift all the eeconominical problims they ben havin, they desiderated to mayk som cutbaks. Wull, parentlee, they did cutbaks in Mr. Frotst's subsideez, an now we immeediatlee seein the reezults. That called "politics." Huh. I not thingk mutch of it.

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