Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caril to Bild Yer Self-Esteem (if yu not a kittee)

Musashi Sez:

It has com to our attenshun that folks whu is not kitteez not alwaez got the good self-esteem. Mai mom does ok fer a hoomin, cuz she is part Leo, but mos hoomin peeplez not eevn got that mutch. So I will tell yu about a caril that migt be gud fer yu to sing. When I sent Ont Nansee mai ansr to her puzzul, I said that AIAM = Alleluia, I Am Musashi. She wrot bak that her kittee Qween Magda, said it standed fer Alleluia, I am Magda, and she is rigt an so is I. See, akshul, the song is Alleluia, I am Me, but yu kin futz it to make it fit yu, altho this is eezier if yu gots a M naym.

But I gives yu the song as I lerned it in mai hed.

Allelooyer, feed me tooner!
Allelooya, I am heer!
Wift cold noziz
An cyoot toziz
I hav com to bring yu cheer!

Ceiling Cat gets all the gloree:
We noe that, the saym ol’ storee.
But don’t feel bad!
Yu shud be glad!
Alleyooya, yu hav me!

I not a dog,
Nor hoomin hog,
I not a dinasaur or three!
Yay! Hooray!
Upon this dae:
Alleluia, I am ME!

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