Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Solstice Shtuffs

So today bein Solstice an stuffs, mom did that thing where she lighted a buncha candles and picked me up and danced around, singin "It Solstice. La la la la la! Solstice! Winter is coming on Solistice, la la la..." LIke that.

It was exactly as annoyin as it sound. Marian laughted, but then she from MIT and unnerstans the science of it all: imagine: singing about winter when you is at the longest day of the year? Larfable.

On the other hand, is not exactly like I get lotsa chances to dance.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This a Lettr in a Tin Can to Granpa

Hallo to my readrz, speshially Grandpa.

Last week started out great wift Mom celerbratytin havin dopted me eithg (8) years ago from Angell Memorial Hopsital. Eevn wift "Freeda" whu is livin wift us now bein all nosy an not lettin ME be nosy in return, stuffs has been perty gud.

But then Mom took me on a Trip, an tho it was not quite as longerer a trip as the last couple times, it was endless!!! And noises. And Trucks, and stuffs liek that: no funz!!!

But we has doenz this befores, and I allus gets a Medal fer Gallantree in the Fays of Shots! This time it shaped like a kittee!

But they seds I hads to go bak an get mai teefs cleened. And then when we wen bak and they puts me to shleep, they tukt TOO of MAI TEEFTS!!! An admitterly, they were the teefts that were hurtin me, but still!!!

And now they are squirtin icky stuffs down my throat, an it not the peeples at the vets orfice but my ONW MOM and also Marion, who is Freeda's Mom.

You gotsta talks to them an tell em to shtops! I bet this never happens to YOU!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hospsitalitee an Zippeez in the Walls

So we gots this lil kittee livin wift us an she is a pain in my floofy neck. Sometime she come out an look around the partmint, eevn in the baftroom an MAI room!!! Huh. So I has to keep a caerful watch out. This mornin I did a unplanned divebombin of her room an Mom gots real mad at me and called me a Bozo and made me stay in mai room til it gotted out of mai sistem.

Then tonigh I redeemified maiself by listening to teh walls. I was hopin to catch a big misqeeter or mebbe a fly, but Mom thought it might be the sircut breaker and her friend, who liv wift us this summer said Yus, call them maintnince guys. (She is a enjinneer, which I think means she drives a choo-choo train. Because this is such a cool job to has, I am forgivin her today fer her ridiculus kitteee Freeder. An mebbe the electricity feller will com an tell me how hansome I am an put a hole in the wall fer me to look into.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Todae is Marerthon Day in Boston!!!

Musashi Sez:

So todae is Patriots Daye and the dae we celerbrate the Marerthon in Boston!! Woo woo!! Mom sez that it look like 30,000 people is gonna run past our house, an she also suspect taht about 10,000 drunk colledge stoodints is gonna walk irregularly past our house also, yellin things like, "Yooo kin do it!" an also "Yay yooo!" She sez this perdiction is comin from her past experience. I blieve her. Mostly. I mean seriusly, 30,000??

But meanwhile I has been sleepin on the compyuter chair of inspiraytshun. I has been gettin in touch wift my myooz an waitin fer her to show up. Then Mom kicks me off the chair, sayin, "Musash-kin, you gotta gets some exersize!" an then we plays soccer wift the ping pong balls.

Fer thos of yu whoo don't know, Musash-kin is the Russian diminyootiv fer Musashi, an it means that she likes me, which I kinda knew becuz she allus gets up an feeeds me when I pats her on the face at like 4:30 or 5:25 or 6:12 or 7:31 or 8:76 or whatever.

She bougted some noo shooz today and letted me smell them. They smelled kinda weird, not normal like her feets smell after a long day of work. But I guess she might be wanting a change. Meanwhile, we are watching the Buffy reruns togethr. I suspect she want me to pertect her if them vampyrz com in at night, becuz I am watchamacallit, oh yeah, nocturnal.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Writr Problem of Butt to Chair

Musashi Sez:

So I ben tryin to writ mor, an I has two problems with this. First is that is SPRING!!!! So I has to run across the partmint VERYFAST!!! And then turn aroun and run VERYFAST!!! in the opperzit direkshun!!! This can take alot of time.

The othr problem is that when I sit in Mom's comfy capyuter chair to type, I falls asleep. These two things meen that I hasn't been doin much writin lately. Also, I has to catch the red dot!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

That Annoyin Tutch Typin Thing

Musashi Sez:

So I hav been tryin verree hard to writ my blog lik Mom does, altho she has a grate advantidg over me on account of her Posable Thums. I has a veree hard tim typin, whereas she just tippity-taps away lik it is easy or somethin.

I has LOTSA stuffs to say, but when I sit down on the keyboard, all of my ideers runs away. Mom sez I needs mor self-dissaplinn, but mostly I think whut I really needs is a typin class.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LEAP! Day!

Musashi Sez:

So aftr mai short foray into fikshun over the summer, I has deciderayted to consintrayt on my strengfts: joornulizm, tellin it lik it akshully is. I was goin to do this yestrdae, but I spent so much time LEAPING!!! everwher that I not had time to akshully writ about the LEAPING!!!

See, Mom tolded me about the calender, which is the big flappy thing on the wall in the baftroom wift all the piktchurs of her college on it. Turns out, fer some reason she cudn't explayn too gud, every four years, they adds a day to the calender, and we gets an extra dae fer exercizin. So we played wift the BRAND NOO LAZR POINTR!!! An I was LEAPIN an runnin aroun like a crazypants persin!!!

An then I hads to nap, cuz I was tierd. i am pretty shur that if you missed yer chance yestrdae, you cul probably spend som time tomorrer LEAPIN! It is gud fer yu.