Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waykin UP the Hard Wae

Musashi Sez:

Som gyz musta ben sneekin into mai bedrum wae erlee in the mornin, cuz they mayd a hox videeo of me an mai mom tryin to get her out of bed. Wull, she don't trai so hard as I do. This videeo got it wrong: It has the blak cat wift the whit cummerbun sayin whut mai mom sez an the orf-camra vois-ovr is sayin whut I allus sez. So yu has to imajinayt a bit to watch this an figger whut our mornins is lik.

The moovee is rigt heer:

The imijiz com from Simon's Cat, in partiklr, the episod, "Cat Man Do." In Jermin that's "Katz im Morgen." Jus in cays yu is or talks the Jermin.

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