Friday, May 14, 2010

Curiosity: Mom’s Got Ternip-Braynz, So I Needz Yer Halp!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, heer we ar at the verree end of the Eevl Spring Smestr, an mai mom is finishin up her payprz an egzamz an stuff. We has ben pumpin Oksijen throo her brayn via them X-Fylz I toldid yu about, cuz it turn out that they has Medissinol effex. Or somthin lik that.

But it still not bak to norml aroun heer, an it won’t be until Toozdae at the erliest.

So I am goin to need yer halp. Yus, YU!

Now first yu has to noe that I am assoomin that yu all NOT got the Ternip Brayn Sindrum. If yu does has it, then don’t email us, cuz that won’t werk so gud. Sekund, yu has to unnerstan that we has a constint awdiens heer, that egspekt verree high an impressive ennertaynmint standerds.

So: What shud I be talkin about on this heer blog until mai mom gets bak to her hoomin peeple brayn agin? Cuz I has rund out of ideerz.

If yu lets us noe whut yer intrists ar, we will not onlee writ about them and we will also tell folks that it wuz YU who sugjestid it to us!!!


So give us a showt!!!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Pololojyzin! Jus Runnin!

Musashi Sez:

Mom has poyntid out to me that I had sed I wuz goin to tell yu mor about Eestr an that stuff, but it wuz too borin. (Ceiling Cat son got 2 livz? Whut so egsytin about that? We kitteez all gots 9!) So in the intrist of keeping the ennertaynmint valyoo of this blog up to yer verree egzaktin standerds, I throo that plotline out.

Mom “sugjestid” that I pololojyz fer havin misled yu foks, but I onlee pololojyz fer skratchin folks. An I not skratch yu. Ther no wae in reel lif to skratch somboddee via the innerwebs, altho I thingk ther migt be a X-Fyl sho about that, com to thingk of it. But that jus TV. That not reel. So if yu want me to scratch yu, yu’r goin to hav to com down heer to Blak Caboos Stoodioz, wher I kin reetch yu wift my akshul paws.

It also okkoor to me that I fergettid to tell yu about how hundreds an hundreds of peeples ran past mai hous a coupla weeks bak, durin the “Boston Marathon,” which is this rays wher peeples try an run reellee far so the firstist one gets to tell them librareenz ovr at the Boston Libraree that the war in Grees is ovr. I not compleetlee unnerstan why they has to do this, but it is kinda cool if yu win cuz yu gets a crown mayd of leevz that yu kin eet on the playn rid hom.

An yah, it do seem kinda stooped, but akshul, I ben inspyrd by them crazee peeplez, an in their onner, I ben runnin aroun the hous nonstop on an off fer weeks now. Mom sez this is becuz I got springz in mai legs, or meebbee jus becuz it is spring. I din’t foller that bit eethr. It hard to follr an egsplinayshun wen yu gots to be runnin


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liddul Green Gyz

Musashi Sez:

Mai mom an I has noo hobbeez. Hers is watchin The X-Fylz rerunz on her kapyuter an myn is walkin between her an the kapyootr screen whil she’z doin it.

This is not so eezee as it soun, cuz I has to tim it jus rigt, so that jus befor ther is a scaree soun, I has to be reddee to jump! up on her desk an skayr her wits out. Huh.

Yu problee not noe this TV sho. It wuz on televizhn yeerz an yeerz ago, wae befor I eevn got bornd! It’s about liddul green gyz wift big blak eyz comin down from othr planets to tayk ovr the wurld an theez 2 FBI peeples whu stops them. Or possiblul it about theez govermint peeplez whu is tryin to taky ovr them liddul green gyz, an the FBI peeplez is tryin to find evidints that they’r doin it. Also, somtimz ther is vampyrz, werwulfs, gosts, cereal killrz an lik that. Mom spendz a lot of tim laugfin.

An then she sihg reellee big an go bak to writin her payprz fer skool. An I go bak to seeruyus biznis of nappin.

Huh. Mai lyf. It onlee luk eezee from the outsid.