Saturday, June 28, 2014

Taykin Up a Instrument

Musashi Sez:

So I am still thinkin about havin a new myusical hobby. I wented on YouTube an saw peeples playin othr fun instruments like the TOOBA and the ukelelelele. There is eevn a band called Tubalele, an my mom's ol roommate Meredift (Oncle MeToo's mom) is in it. The ukelelelele is about mai size, but the TOOBA is way cooler.

I asksked Mom if I could have TOOBA lessons an she showed me how you blow into a brass instrument an it looked hard, which is too bad, but she said the neighbors will be okay wift me playin a different instrument. She recommended what she call "percushion" which is lik bongo drums an the xylophon. She said that I am very gud at fwapping things wift my paws, so now I just has to learn "ryhthym." Huh.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Hobbieez

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I has been consideraytin taking up a hobby, like playin the harp or fiddul, aftr Mom saw a  concert wift them havin a grand ol time. But she sez that mai arms arn't long enugf fer a harp an that, as I doesn't exagtly has a neck or sholdrz, I probubly wud has trubble wift the fiddul.

So then I saw a websit wift kitteez sittin "awkwardly," an i thougtid I shud speak out. The site is here:

I don't think they are sittin awkwardly any mor than mom does when she is caugtid up readin a novel. Huh.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mom’s Re-yoon-yun Thing

Musashi Sez:

So Mom went up to this place in VerMont wher they had this weird re-yoon-yun thing, which yu will be surprized to noe had NOTHIN to do wift On-yons. I noe. Weird, right?

She wuz awae fer EVER!!! Like three or four DAES!!! Irene feeded me, but it jus wasn’t the same. Huh.

She tell me that she tolded ALL her old frends about me an mai blog here, an gaved them the cards that tolded them where to go on the interwebs to find me. An I guess I believes her. Probably she did that. But I bet they won’t come, cuz they hasn’t akshully seen her in like elebenty years!!! (It was their Elebentieth Re-yoon-yun, an they all got vests an a stick an a leash. Or something like that.)

Still, she camed back. She smell funnee cuz she got what she call a “sun-burn” an then she put this icky stuff on to “re-hi-drate” or something. But at least she fed me. Cuz Irene sorta feeded me, but yu know, when yer Mom feeds yu ther is lov an stuff wift the kibble an that make a difference.

An speekin of fud, Mom sez they feeded her an her frends, lik, Fancy Cat fud!!! So I’m bettin she is fatterer than she wuz when she left, but that’s okay. We will play soccer this week an burn it off of her really fast. Like next month, maybe…

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spering Cleeninin!

Musashi Sez:

With a Rowley, Powley, Gammin an Spinnitch!

Heave Ho! fer Anthony Crowley!

So I wud have ben writin these last week or so, egsept that Mom has been doin some mean cleanin lately, an natchrually, I has ben halpin!!!

The main problim is that whenever she “cleans” a bit of space, it always end up lookin mutch worser. So eevn tho she end up getting rid of 5 bags of recycling, 3 bags of old clotheseses, and som trash, it always look like she added all that instead. Harrumph!

So I not think mutch of this “cleanin” idear.

But it do giv us som time, in between the cleanin egsersizes, fer Kittee Soccer! An I has been workin on getting fasterer on my responding kick things. So it is mor lik Soccer an less lik pool. Cuz Mom gets impashient sometimes, and we has to lik patroniz her or something.