Monday, April 22, 2013

We Upgraydz the Spontanteity!

 Musashi Sez:

Wull, we have been cleenin up the Spontaneity, maykin shur that all of them Peeps are gone. (Eevn if it mean eatin them--it's a dirty job bein a starshp captain sometimes.)

We had a crew meetin an we all agreed that it was time to upgrade our ship. This is goin to mean movin all of Mom's "school stuffs" off of the spayse-ship chair so that Kaylee, our mechanic, can get in there and do some work, addin some verree cool harwayre.

We got a brand new spinny thing (cuz the old one got worn out from all that spinnin.)

Also, we boughtid us a brand  new gyroscope, which are a thing that keep us on the straight an narrow, or at leest on the straight, largely becuz of pfhyziks. Huh.

I has ben tryin to convinserayt peeples that we cleerly needs raysin  stripes, preferabul in blu an gold, but they is not convinserayted jus yet. It may wull be that I gots some work to do to get mai way eventchoolee.

But that is whut we has been up to laytlee.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

That Post-Eestr Thing

Musashi Sez:

Wull, now that Eeastr is ovr, I kin tell yu all about what happened between that big Whit-furred bunny an us, the crew of my ship the Spontenaity.

See, we hads this big figt and the Bunnee turned us all different colrz. An I totalee won. But then I realized that what all of us was sittin on after the figt, was all these yellr sugar peeps. We didn’t know why, but then somebody said, “Deer God, they ar self-replicaytin at a velocity that we can’t handle! Captin,! Whut are we gonna do???”

An yu knoes that ther is trouble when they starts yoozin multiple punctuayshun marks.

So I sed, “Huh, we’ll jus have to eat them!”

An of course that Bunnee-fellr was not too happy about that, so he started slingin lotsa them littul bloo nougat eggs at us, (ouch!), an we started slingin multi-colored and –flayvored jelly beans at him. An down he went!
Then we tooked them funny colored bunnees and chicks an we gived them tooth-picks an them plastic swords an we paired them off an made they figt it out in the microwayv.

Hoorah! Victree!

So, finally havin figted off the big rabbit fellr, we cud continyoo our journey to get justice from Captan Nemo.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Not Aprul Fool, Mutch

Musashi Sez:

Eventchoolee, Mom caym home again from church, and I hads to give her back the com, but that also meant that I cud go down to the cargo hold and see what that Eestr Bunny guy was up to. An yu wud not BELEEV!

Ther was brigt yellr Peeps EVRWHER!!! The whole cargo hold was compleetlee filled wift Peeps! Ther was no big white bunnee rabbit, but only them yellr chickenz.

Suddenly there was a big sound: Ka-CHUNK! I turned to see the portal filled wift a big white bunny! So, of course, I does what you would egspect a shiny black kitty wift delusions of Walter Mitty to do.

I attackt.

Cat an rabbit figt! Rabbit an cat figt! SNARL! Meow! ROOOWR!

An on the sidelinez, big yellr Peeps, cheerin an roarin an maykin chaos!! WHOO HOO!

An Kaylee yells, “Yu go, Musashi-Kittee! Kill his ass!”

An I yells, “Kaylee, that not perlite or pretty!”

An she yells, “You don’t pay me to talk pretty!”

An that is verree troo. I doesn’t actchrlee pay any of my team at all yet.