Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Tabyoolayshunz Is Finished!

Musashi Sez:

So, despite all my trubbles wift tabyoolaytin the results, I has got a whol lotsa “data” to tell yu all about. If we look at it sideways, we see that them high scores (whut peoples hate) inclood chickin, potatoes, qwassants and especially harf & harf.

When I tolded my mom about this, she had to go an have a lie-down, cuz wiftout the harf & harf, her coffee is black an uninviting. Also she has the fondness fer them French Qwassants.

As I suggested before, Bursels Spouts and Brocolli are the winners (yuk), followed by Carats an Lettus (also yuk) and if yu kin believe it, Cheese (which I has always thogtid as reasonable to eat eevn if I not likes it maiself. It still smell betterer than all that other stuffs.)

1. Cheese                         1             1            2            = 4
2. Bursels Spouts             1             1            1            = 3
3. Tooner!                        1             3            1            = 5
4. Lettus                           1             1            2            = 4
5. Broculli                        1             1            1            = 3
6. Chickin                         2             2            2            = 6 !
7. Carats                           1             1            2            = 4
8. Potaytoes                      2             2            2            = 6 !
9. Qwassants                    2             1            3            = 6 !?
10. Harf & Harf       2              2           3           = 7 !?
                                      14            15            16

If we looks at it up-an-down, what we gets is that some of yu likes and hates stuffs more than others, overall. What this suggests to me is that if mai readers from China, Germany and Turkey had also given us their preferences, we might has come up wift betterer statistics. Mom suggests that those folks (as well as our readers in Poland and Japan), maybe can’t unnerstand mai spellin, but given that she is mai official CCO (Chief of Creative Orthography), I am not convinced that the fault is all mine.

Meanwhile, I have to figger out how a square R and 2% convincing rate have to do wift any of this. So far, I think that all that statistics stuff is just a scam. Huh.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tabyoolaytin Our Results

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I noe that it has been a while since I writed, but partly that is because I has had to do MATH, an although Mom is usually verree helpful wift mai projects, she is not so sharp wift the math. So I has gots lotsa numbers from all three of yu reader type peoples (an I can tell you rigt off, yer all just as weird as Mom is. Huh.) an I has been tryin to tabyoolayte all of them numbers. This is kinda hard, cuz apparently there is lotsa ways to look at “data” lik this, yu noe, like up an down or sideways. Also, I keeps tryin to count all them numbers, but this is not so easy when yu has paws. I always start wift my front paws and then move onto my back paws, except when I suddenly needs to lick mai knees, an than all bets is off.

This wud not be a problem if I had the kinds of paws Mom has, that all has the same number of toes, regardless of where she keeps them, but as a kittee, I has five toes on each of my front paws an only four on the back. So any time I has to count more than three things, I get confuzzled, an yu wud too.

I wondered if part of my problem was that I am a Tuxedo Kittee rather than a Tabby Kittee. Maybe I shud try tuxeedyoolayin instead of tabyoolaytin. But Mom sez that probable wudn’t help much because the toes thing wudn’t change.

About the best I kin tell yu is that yu folks all seem to be scary fond of carrots an bursels spouts. I not noe why. I mean, think about it. Ther yu is, prowling across the grassy savannah, pausing in yer tracks when yu think yer prey migt hear yu comin. Yu is stealthy an yu is wearin camouflage (an also sun-screen, cause yu is humin), yer creepin up, slowly, slowly, and then WHAM!

You POUNCE. On a helpless bursel spout.

Yep, yu are a migty hunter. I am verree impressed. Huh.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mom’s Bizarre Fuds

 Musashi Sez:
Wull, I wuz torn between writin mor serious stuffs and figyoorin out some funnee stuffs, but then I started thinking about how my Mom eats all kindsa weird stuffs, lik garlic an chicken, an potaytoez, an scallions, an musturd an like that.

An that jus can't be rigt, so I figgered I wud call on yu, mai faitful reederz, to see if yu unnerstood her weerd diet or whether yu figgered she jus really weerd. I wud really appresheeyate yor halp on this. So I figger we needs a poll. We shud keep it simpul, like 1=Love! 2=Don’t Care an 3=Hate!

1. Cheese
2. Bursels Spouts
3. Tooner!
4. Lettus
5. Broculli
6. Chickin
7. Carats
8. Potaytoes
9. Qwassants
10. Harf & Harf

Let us noe what you thinks about these weerd fuds! We will post yer results!!!

(An I noe that I onlee gots 3 constant reeders, but even 1 or 2 or 3 thrids of rzults wud tell us importint stuffs!! So thank yu ahed of tim to (Gran)Mom and (Gran)Dad an (Gran)Pamler!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aprul Foolz!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I has ben trying to think of a funnee fer this Aprul Foolz Dae, but I am comin up wift nothing, so I thoughtid mebbe I wud do a Verree Serious blog instead. I cud write about the Faymousest Kittees in Litrachoor or Histree, or possibly Geography (cuz ther is nothing funnee about geography). But after writing down my list, I realized how short it wuz:

Ilsa the Lion
Shir Khan
The Aristocats
Musashi (that's ME)
That fellr who work for MGM
The Pink Panther
The Black Panthers

I was thinkin about this an I decided to dress up as the pink panther fer Eester!!! Cuz peeples like perty collrz fer Easter. But then I gots to thinkin how I wud blend in wift mai perty pink rug an all mai pink toyz, and then that wud givs Mister Tygr a opportoonity to sit on me an claim that he didn't see mee cuz I was all blended in. April Fool. Har Har.

So I has decided to keep my tuxedo on after all.