Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pistachios, An Like That

 Musashi Sez:

So here is the quote Mom has gived me fer today, which is from mai buddy Shakespeare. “Yon Cassious hath a lean an hungree look. Such men are dangerous.”

Now, I know all about kittees being hungree on account of sometimes my fud bowl gets all empty, an then I has a sad. But it seem to me odd that some cashews wud be hungree, cuz they not got moufts or tummies, so to speak.
Pistachios, on the other hand, are very inneresting peoples, if yu believe all them fansee green TV commershuls about them and how yu gets them open. It seems to me that if all of these peoples is trying to get them open, mebbee it are not the nuts what are dangerous, it are all them peoples.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This Is Not a Writer Block

Musashi Sez:

So I has been suffrin from writer block lately. Every tim I sit on the keyboard to writ, Mom has insisted on goin on Facebbok to chek out her frendz and their writer block, or sometimes to watch videos of Colin Britt or Lucy Lawless, or dancing goatz an playin tigrz. All of this is sposed to inspriate me, but so far it hasn’t akshully worked.

Parently, mai grandmom says, “It all grist fer the mill,” but I say sometimes it don’t matter how much grist yu got, cuz the mill is on vacayshun.

Finally, Mom sugjested that she give me a quote an I kin just “improvise,” which is fansee theater talk fer “mayk stuff up.”

The firstest quote she gived me was “One, two, buckle yer shoe. Three, four, shut the door.” This strike me as a sillee quote to give me, a kittee. Fer one thing, I not wear shoes, although I has often thoughted that I might like some of them bright pink shower clogs fer when mai roommates leave puddles in the baftroom. Mai mom has some boots wift buckles on them but parently yu needs opposable thumbs to operate them buckles. And as fer closing doors, as a rule I doesn’t. I just opens them and charges through, or saunter through, or sometimes I slink through.

Mebbe tomorrer she will give me something more exciting, lik from that Shakespeare fella, or possible Napoleon.