Monday, April 18, 2016

Todae is Marerthon Day in Boston!!!

Musashi Sez:

So todae is Patriots Daye and the dae we celerbrate the Marerthon in Boston!! Woo woo!! Mom sez that it look like 30,000 people is gonna run past our house, an she also suspect taht about 10,000 drunk colledge stoodints is gonna walk irregularly past our house also, yellin things like, "Yooo kin do it!" an also "Yay yooo!" She sez this perdiction is comin from her past experience. I blieve her. Mostly. I mean seriusly, 30,000??

But meanwhile I has been sleepin on the compyuter chair of inspiraytshun. I has been gettin in touch wift my myooz an waitin fer her to show up. Then Mom kicks me off the chair, sayin, "Musash-kin, you gotta gets some exersize!" an then we plays soccer wift the ping pong balls.

Fer thos of yu whoo don't know, Musash-kin is the Russian diminyootiv fer Musashi, an it means that she likes me, which I kinda knew becuz she allus gets up an feeeds me when I pats her on the face at like 4:30 or 5:25 or 6:12 or 7:31 or 8:76 or whatever.

She bougted some noo shooz today and letted me smell them. They smelled kinda weird, not normal like her feets smell after a long day of work. But I guess she might be wanting a change. Meanwhile, we are watching the Buffy reruns togethr. I suspect she want me to pertect her if them vampyrz com in at night, becuz I am watchamacallit, oh yeah, nocturnal.