Friday, December 17, 2010

A 2Fer: I Doez Yu a Fayvr by NOT Givin Latin & A Caril Fer Mynrz

Musashi Sez:

So, this next Chrismous Caril, is akshul a song about the onlee son of Ceiling Cat, whu got naymd Happy Cat, an I keep thingkin that it cudda ben mutch, mutch worsr: he cudda ben naymd Felix, Garfield, Fang, Snowball, or Puss. Instead, at leest he got a naym that akshul caym clos to whut them Ceilingists claym he wuz all about (tho I maiself is skptikkul about him, as I is a Catatarian Universalist). Anneewae, them Ceilingists sae that this Happee Cat is goin to sayv us all, but they not sae cleerlee whut he goin to sayv us frum. So I remayns skeptikkul. Here is the song: O,CAYF = O, Com All Ye Furtiv

O, com all ye furtive,
graysful an abundant.
O, com, all ye felynz of kittee-dom.
Com, an ignor him,
born of Ceiling Catness.
O, com, let us ignor him,
O, com, let us ignor him,
O, com, let us ignor him,
Happy Cat.

Sing, qwyrz of kitteez,
Sing upon the fensiz,
Sing all yu kitteez whu sing in the clouds.
Glory to Ceiling
Cat whu watchiz ovr us.
O, com, let us ignor him,
O, com, let us ignor him,
O, com, let us ignor him,
Happy Cat.

OK. That wuz fer the dae bfor yestrdae. This comin one is fer todae.

This partklr Christmous Caril is clos to mai gizzard, as it is one that mai mom somstimz sing out of seezon. This caril wuz firstest sung by the brigt yello canareez that got careed down into them scaree dark mynz that them hoomin peeples went down into and eventchoolee got stuck in wae back a hundrid yeerz ago. An, yah, it got started wift them Ceilingist typs whu struck som reformz, but still I persnul thingk it is jus a gud song.

GRYM,G (SDETP) = Good Rabbits Rest Yon Mondae, God (so dont ekspekt their prayrz)

Good rabbits rest on Mondae, God.
so don’t ekspekt their prayrz.
They werk so hard six dayez a week
by Mondae they’re tired hares,
Fergettin how our Ceiling Cat
werked hard to brayk despair.
O, tidings of stayrin at the wall
at the wall,
O, tidings of stayrin at the wall.

This is offishul our fifthteenth dae of Chrismous.

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