Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mebbe a Trik?

Mom Sez:

When last we left our intrepid Captain Musashi of the Good Ship Partmint, he was facing portents of mutiny from his usually loyal and trusty crew, because of his indecision about the far-off clipper and its suspicious flag-switching behavior. Clearly, the good captain is too excited about his rescue mission to remember Maritime Politics 101, Class #8, from his mail-order captain's licensing course...

Musashi Sez:

To mai frutstratid crue I egsplaynz: "We goin to see that Greenpeas ship an meet them Rainbow Worriers!"

"Nar, but that's the saym vessel wot wuz flyin the UN rag afore!" sez mai crue.

"Wull, mebbe they wuz tryin to skeer off them Japineez whalr typs."

"Yus," sez mai crue, "but mebbee...they is...pirates!"

"In this dae an ayj?...Pirates?"

"Yus. They probabul eethr Somalianz lookin fer slayvz or possibul Captin Morgn, whu lookin fer baybz fer his advertizin."

"Huh, so yu thingks we shud steer cleer?"

"Hmm. Lemmee see yer scop, Cap'n," sez mai Firsts Mayt. He sqwintz throogh mai scop an sez, "Hmm. Green flag wift big rainbow an whit piktchrz of continints...But...ther no othr rainboz. Greenpeas ships alwaez gots a rainbow on the hull too. It might be...a pirate trik?"

"Huh! Scurvee nayvz..."

Mai eyz gottid verree big. "Wull," sez I slolee. "If they ar Greenpeas, we cud get autrgrafs an som gud vejtabultareeyun recipeez fer mai mom...If they're... pirates, then we kin tayk ovr their ship an bring it bak to the qween an get knigtid!"

Mai qwartermastr points out, "Um, Cap'n, we isn't got a qween. We has a president."

"Whut a disappointmint. Cud we goes to Inglund then? They still gots a qween, don't they?"

"Yus," sez mai Firtst Mayt, "But that'll delay our rescyoo misshun."

I stayrz inskrootablee ovr the wayvz. Finlee, I sez, "Qwartrmastr? Mayk mushroomz fer luntch. What we gots heer is a Morel dillemr, an it paes to be perpayrd!"

"Mushroomz, aye, aye!"

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