Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Sea Adventchur Get Innerestin!

Musashi Sez:

Wull the seaz ar runnin high todae, but we gotz plentee of noms an a fair breez carryin us along, so I figgr we gots smooth saylin. We eevn gots big, noyzee seagullz on the roofs--I mean, the spars--of the othr ships. This sea'z a busy neigborhood!

In fact, from mai pozishun in the ravin's-nest, I kin see a verree innerestin ship comin norft in our direkshun. I can't see the flag too gud. I thingk it's that POW-MIA one they flies at teh Post Offis. So mebbe this a postal ship, carryin a poscard from mai mom! I bettr hoyst the maynyards an stuff to sayl us in that direkshun.

"Hoyst the maynyards!" I yells.

"Hoyst the maynyards, aye, aye!" yells bak mai trusty crue.

But as we gets closerer, I notis the blak flag comin down an a pertee bloo one goin up. I puts on mai glov wift the tellyscop attachd and luk throogh it. I see stars an a map of a planet. It's the Unitee Nayshunz. Huh. That no fun! We go bak.

"Brace yer lanyards," I shouts.

"Brace yer lanyards, aye, aye!" shouts mai crue.

But as we're veerin bak to our soufterlee cors, I looks bak an the pertee bloo flag is comin down an a noo flag is runnin up: brigt green wift a big ol' rainbow. That the Greenpeas flag! I alwaez wantid to meet them Rainbow Worrier gyz. Tim fer anothr cors correkshun.

"Brace yer maysayls!"

"Wot the blinketee-blink yu doin, ther, Cap'n? First, ye sez hoyst this, then it's brace that, an now it's brace that othr thin. Makes up yer mind, why dontcher!"

Uh oh! This cud meen myootinee!

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