Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hospsitalitee an Zippeez in the Walls

So we gots this lil kittee livin wift us an she is a pain in my floofy neck. Sometime she come out an look around the partmint, eevn in the baftroom an MAI room!!! Huh. So I has to keep a caerful watch out. This mornin I did a unplanned divebombin of her room an Mom gots real mad at me and called me a Bozo and made me stay in mai room til it gotted out of mai sistem.

Then tonigh I redeemified maiself by listening to teh walls. I was hopin to catch a big misqeeter or mebbe a fly, but Mom thought it might be the sircut breaker and her friend, who liv wift us this summer said Yus, call them maintnince guys. (She is a enjinneer, which I think means she drives a choo-choo train. Because this is such a cool job to has, I am forgivin her today fer her ridiculus kitteee Freeder. An mebbe the electricity feller will com an tell me how hansome I am an put a hole in the wall fer me to look into.