Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Abov an Ovr Away from Mai Dootee

Mom Says:

I’d like to thank Musashi for so patiently listening to me give my presentation on Gothic cathedrals last night, staying awake during it, and giving me valuable feedback on what to cut. He also gave me Speshul Kittee Shiatsu on the 2nd and 3rd chakras this morning, to get my enthusiasm and spiritual power, and apparently digestion, working extra well. My presentation was well received.

Musashi Sez:

Yus, and jus to sho yu I reellee wuz lisnin, I tells yu whut I lernd about thoz Goth’s catheedrulz. First, they happened in citeez wher ther lotsa peoplez and monnee to pae them all. Cuz theez importint biship gyz wantid to figt heresee, which is lik, not agreein wift biships.

This Abbot naymd Sugar (but he was Frentch, so his naym shudda been Sucre, huh) inventid Goth, which had lotsa ligts and ordrz. They cud do this cuz they had all theez new compyootrz eevn tho they didn’t have rulerz. So I gess they went on the innerwebs an ordrd all thoz ligts onlyn.

Mom Sez:

Um, Musashi, not all technology is electronic.

Musashi Sez:

Hush. I telling whut I lernd, not whut yu thingk yu teetchd.

Aneewae, as I wuz sayin befor I wuz so roodly inneruptid, theez Bildr Bob gyz, they putted piktchurz of themselves on the wallz somtimz, lik in the bakgroun behin that Jeezus fellr. An somtimz they puttid the Gild logos on the windoz if a Gild had givd them monnee, cuz Goth is verree egspensiv. Somtimz they eevn puttid piktchurz up way high in back of pillrz an stuff, wher noboddee cud see them egsept Ceiling Cat an the gy wift the reellee, reellee tall laddr whu go up ther to cleen evr 500 yeerz or so.

Cuz yu reellee don’t want Ceiling Cat bord. He migt pouns yer toez!

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