Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anothr Song

Musashi Sez:

So, altho we givd yu a respit from our cat-er-wallin, todae we givs yu som of the leeriks fer JTTW (CCIC!) = Join Thou the Wave (Ceiling Cat Is Com!)

Join thou the Wave, Ceiling Cat is com!
If yu’r on the cowtch, mayk room!
Cuz Universul Butt
he ha-a-a-a-az!
From nommin cheezee puffs:
An lissenin to Jazz,
An lissen, lissenin unto Jazz.

Join thou the Wave, Ceiling Cat is com!
Let kitteez their pawz raiz!
The Toms an the Calicoz
Tygrz an the gerl-typ cats,
Rejoycin in theez daez,
Rejoycin in theez daez,
Rejoycin, joycin in theez daez.

Ceiling Cat roolz! We all agreez,
Cuz if yu don’t, he’ll PoWNS!
Yer toez will turn to dust,
Yer breft will smell lik coffee,
An that wud be reel bad.
An mayk yu feel qwit sad.
So say He Roolz! Yu will be glad!

Yu kin sing this eevn at offis parteez, altho yu may finds yerselfs singin it alon. Nevr mind. This is offishul our forteenth dae of Chrismous.

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