Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Has Seen The Emeny!

Mom Says:

Musashi, was that a pun in that last blog entry?

Musashi Sez:

Hnrf, hnrf, hnrf! Yus, I maydz a funnee!

Mom Says:

Right...Okay, mateys, listen up! Our intrepid crew of the Good Ship Partmint are coming around to bear on a possible enemy ship. The First Mate is in the crow's nest with the telescope, sussing out the vessel's complement. When he climbs down, the news isn't good.

Musashi Sez:

I cud see immediatlee, the nooz wuzn't gud.

"Cap'n, they'r all wearin funnee hats an ey-patchiz."

"Um...that cud be a fashin staytmint! An injooriez sustaynd in the lin of dootee figtin eevil whalrz!"

"An they'r carryin weppinz!"

I lookd throogh the scop. "Oh, wull, scimitarz..."

Qwartrmastr Haydee cut in, "Them's cutlasses, Cap'n. An Greenpeas isn't noen to yooz cutlasses."

"They as skulls an crossbonz on 'em," sez Josh halpfullee.

I lookd agen to figgr out whut the big flash of red wuz. It wuz...Captin Morgin, lookin typikul arrogint, wift his foot on a keg. Huh. I NOT liks him.

"All rigt, mateys," sez I, "it's Morgin lookin fer advertyzin baybz, jus lik yu sed. Haydee, yu goez below an put them bowlin ballz in thoz big blak things."


"Yus! Meenwhil--"

"Cap'n?" sez Josh.

"Whut now?"

"Cap'n, they gots a team readyin grapplin hooks...and Cap'n?"


"The team is mayd of Boardin Collies, soopr-smartypants doggeez shu has been traynd to thro grapplin hooks to the next ship an run across the rops an, um, rip out our--I mean, their emeneez'--throgts."

"Hmm," I sez. "Wull, that OK. I gots a brillyunt ideer. Here's mai Sekrit Plan..."


Pamela said...

Green peas, veal cutlasses, and morels: nom, nom, nom!

Susan said...

Yu ar verree stranj...