Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the Short, Shortiest Dae of the Yeer!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we is wae behin on them daes of Chrismous, but sins todae is the onliest dae of Wintr Solstis, we is maykin an egsepshun on our uzhul habit of catchin up layter. Instead, we gives yu som bonna fyd Solstis Carils, fer yer fence-singin plezhur. WNALS= We Needs a Littul Solstis, and HYAMLS= Hav Yerself a Merree Littul Solstis. Kinda lik problim an solooshun all wrappt up together in crunchee papyr wift bowz!

Round up the Romanz
We must remind the sun
of its June Twentee vow.
Cut down the holly.
Bring owt yer golden sicklez:
Let’s be jolly, an how!

Cuz we needs a littul Solstis
Rigt this verree moments
A grayt big bonfyr burnin
an foez tostin lik donuts!
Yes, we needs a littul Solstis
Rigt this verree minit,
We needs a littul solstis NOW!!!

I writid that one maiself aftr doin som reserch on wikrpeedia. But now we ar goin to tayk it down a bit, cuz if yu wor yerself out todae, yu’ll be getting sleepee abowt now, an we meenz to halp. Sweet dreemz fer this altitoodinal yeer. Lov, MUSASHI

Has yerself a merree littul Solstis.
Run around all dae.
Then yu’ll zonk an sleep all of thoz
hourz awae.
Has yerself a merree littul Solstis
Tho the nigt is long.
When sun returnz we’ll all be back
wher we belong.

Snuggld up on our qwilt agen
Havin happee dreemz of fish!
Mom’s ol frends will drink tea agen,
Pettin me agen, I wish.

Somdae soon we all will be together
If Ceiling Cat allow.
Until then, we’ll have to muddul throo
So has yerself a merree littul Solstis

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