Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mai Praktis Mishun

Musashi Sez:

Mom sez I shud start small wift mai spyin, so I asksed Ms. Dench to send me to this littul playse calld Lick-ten-shtyn. It is nex to Switzerlun an it has a big problin wift hoomin peeples bringin their monnee to be washd. Wai they can’t wash it at hom, I dunno, but parently, this is problim.

Mai granpa has workd wift this problim heer in the Amerika. Neer as I kin figger, wen you washiz yer monnee, the green stuff fayd so it hard to see how mutch is werth. Ms. Dench sez they been washin thoz Inglish pound payprs so mutch, she can’t hardly see the numbrz anyeemor. So I gotta go in an see what I kin do.

But is a big seekrit, so don’t tell noboddee, OK?


Almos 008.


Pamela said...

Mum's the word.

Musashi said...

Yeah, it is. Cuz mom dint't want me to be a innernashunul spy. I thingk she wantid me to be a jurnulist or mebbe a detectiv. So, yah, don't tell her!!!