Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seekret Traynin—Dae 3

Spyin’z hard. We has these classiz wift a blakbord an chok, an we can’t eevn plae wift the chok! Huh.

So I curld up an was nappin fer a whyl, an teetchr got all crankee. He wayk me up an aksks me qwestshuns lik, “What’s propr yoos of klorophyl fer putting enermeez to sleep?” Wull, of cors I noe the answerz, cuz I ben nappin in the libraree, in the Applied Khemistree sekshun.

But that onlee mayd teetchr eevn mor crankee. He sed he’d writ a “verree stiff not” to Ms. Dench, an that soun lik Brittish wae of sayin he’z goin to complain about me.

2 of mai classmayts sez I shud be mor diplomatik, but it don’t seem fayr to sassinayt the teetchr just cuz he has crankee.

Huh. Skul is verree hard wen yu’r a natchural.

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