Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shaykin, Not Bein Stirrd

So I ben thingkin lots about bein a innernashunull fynanseer or possibul a spy. Mai frend Pamaler sed she thingk I’d “probably be a good spy, as long as you don't fall asleep on the job.” Huh. As if I wud.

An aneewae, I ben seein thoz Jaymz Bond mooveez, an he spend lotsa tim in bed. So cleerlee, that not somthin that kin keep yu from bein a reellee gud spy. Espeshul cuz hoomin peeples see kittee peeples sleepin an they thingks that we arn’t payin attenshun. But is eezee to keeps 1 eye opn from tym to tym to keep trak of, fer instins, bad gyz.

An eevn if hoomin peeples (or eevn doggee peeples) run past us, they nevr egspekt us to notiss them. Huh. Stoopid peeples.

I ben praktissin mai spyin skilz in the windo all yeer. I kin tell yu all about Bob the Maylman, an the foks acros street whu has doggeez, an the funnee “joggerz” an lik that.

So wen I fill out applikayshun fer MI5, they goin to be all ovr me. I be “008” in no tym.


Pamela said...

Okay. You convinced me: you would indeed make an eggsellent spy. Maybe Sue can give you a practice mission.

Musashi said...

Whut is praktis mishun?