Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seekret Traynin—Dae 4

We had feeld dae todae, but ther was not volleeball or piknik. Sted, we had to junp out of playn. (Gud thin mom didn’t noe, cuz she’d freek.)

Luckee I caym perpayrd. See, parashoots reqwyr thumz. This a problim fer me. So I had to be sneekee. I figgerd, at Spy Skul, mebbe they gives me points fer sneekee.

So wen the first gy wuz gettin reddee to junp, I sed, “Oop. I gotta go to littr box agen!” an I sneekd to pilot’s kabbn. I wippt out the hankee wift the klorphyl on it, nokt out the pilot, flipt opn mai copy of Flyin C-17s fer Kiteez, an took ovr flyin. The co-pilot didn’t eevn notis. That how gud I am. Huh.

They wer serchin all ovr fer me, an eevn yelld at the pilot fer not havin his parashoot, but by that tim, I’d landed the playn.

Aftr the teetchrz finishd yellin at me, Ms. Dench sed, “Musashi, what are we goin to do wift yu?”

Somtim, she souns jus lik mai mom. Well, egsept a whol lot classier…

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