Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enterin the Innernashunul Siblingeree

Musashi Sez:

The coolist thin about lernin to be a spy is that suddinlee I is a membr of a innernashunul siblingeree, wift bruthrz an sistrz all ovr the wurld. I ben gettin poscards an telleegramz wift messudjiz like: “Dirmu sashi allth ebest .STOP Yrfrn
dbond jmzbo ndSTO P….” Bob the Maylman thingk it’s kinda weerd, but I has mom tatch them to the erfidjieator wift magnets, along wift her poscards from egsitin placiz like Switzerlund, Italee, an Albanee. Oh, an also Londin an Vermont.

Cleerlee, mai mom is cozmapolitin, but I’m catchin up!

An theez nys nots is comin from not onlee British an Merikan peeples, but also from Artch-Ryvul Spy Typs. I got a poscard from Dr. Woof: “Ajint 8, I luks forward to figtin yu paw to paw. DW.” I wuz qwyt tutchd. Is almos lik we got mor in commin wift eetch othr than wift the gy down at the Petco.

An of cors, I also got nys messudjiz from folks in The Servis (yu gots to writ it lik this, tho I’m stil not shur wai…). An ajint whu I rispekt (but whu I kin’t naym fer reezins of confidenshialitalitee) tol me not to worree about mai spellin. He sez, “As far as consistc gos thats for smal mines.”

I respekts his opinyon. An jus so yu gets a tayst of mai noo lyf, I show yu zampul of the kinda cod I werk wift now. But don’t trai to reed it if yu aren’t a spy, cuz it’ll mess wift yer hed.


Coded Messudj: NOT FER YU!!!

deera jint4 9than xfero ffrin halpm oslee Imoko nthew ashin stuff butal lthem hoomi npeep lessp eekin germi nisfr eekin meout pleez advyz

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