Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whu This Waltr Mittee Gy?

Musashi Sez:

So mai mom is tellin me I’m jus lik that Waltr Mittee. But he is not lik Jim Bond or that CIA laydee, Victorier or Valereir or whuevr.

He is mor like Snoopee (the doggee), whu have lots goin on all the tim. He is alwaes bein a Werld War 1 flyin ays or a rays car dryvr, or a lawyr, or astronot, or Beegul Skout, or inshurins saylzman, or somthin egsytin lik that.

So why I am lik this Waltr gy instead of Snoopee, I don’t noe. Cuz Waltr is a hoomin gy, an Snooppee is a doggie gy, an sins I walks on all 4s somtims—ok, mos of the tim—I thingk I’s mor like Snoopee.

Somtimz, mom is jus weerd. That’s all.

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Pamela said...

Yeah: I don't see any resemblance between you and Walter M. at all. Walter only imagined that he was doing fantastic exciting things. You are actually doing them. Live the dream!!

(Your mom may be weird, but it's "good weird.")