Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arrivin in Yoorup

Mom Sez:

Stars twinkled on the broad wings of the 747 as it banked for its final descent into the Zurich airport. The wheels bounced once, twice, three times on the tarmac and then rolled to a halt. Anyone waiting in the arrivals section, watching, would sigh softly in relief and then stare eagerly at the door, pretending nonchalance, while raking their eyes over the seemingly innocent tourists, worrying, perhaps, about one who seemed just a bit too good to be true.

Businessmen in suits marched in, yawning. A young man, carrying an attaché case in one hand and a long black leash in the other, attracted brief attention. But once the onlookers saw the black cat attached by a harness to the leash, they looked away, as if to say, “Oh, just another foreigner.”

The cat raised his head and sniffed the Swiss air. Then the two made their way through customs and out to where a hired car awaited them.

Musashi Sez:

The car ryd from Zoorik to Vadooz was jus horribul, wift turning cornrs, stopping, startin agen… It remindid me wai I don’t lik car rydz. An if that weren’t bad enugf, mai eerz kept poppin.

Alek, mai “sekretaree,” offrd me som choowin gum, but I cudn’t imajin Jimbond blowin bobbulz, so I sed, “No thanx.”

Wen we got to the hotel (it had treez in it!!!) Alek did stuff wift payprz an then we went up to our room (biggr than mom’s whol partment!) an slept fer ten owrs strayt. This whol spyin thin is hardr than I egspektid.

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