Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maykin Sneekee Planz

Mom Sez:

Back at the hotel, Alek helped Agent Octavian take off the camera collar with its garnet studs.

“Did you get much?” Alek asked.

“Yu bet. The whol plays smel lik soap. It was comin up throu the vent, so I got boft a pikchur an one of them X-rayz. I reellee lik that collr!” Octavian patted the garnets.

“Agent 8, you have to focus!”

“Sorree, Alek. From what that bankr gy sed, the monee laundrin mus be set up in the baysmint, wae down. I figgr if I kin get into the vent, I just has to follo mai noz.”

“Capital. So we simply need to figure out how to get you in the building.”

“Let’s get som noms firs. Brayn fud halp wift maykin sneekee planz.”

Musashi Sez:

Aklek drov us to the fanseepants restoront that Jimbond tol me about, Le Chat dans le Forêt. We got a plays bai the windo, so I cud sit on a cushon nex to the taybul an not hav to yooz one of thoz embarrassin baybee chayrs. Huh.

Jimbond had rekamendid the toona, but they didn’t hav anee, so I got trout, which is lik toona egsept fer it tayst all diffrint. It had cruncheez on top! Alek had theez weerd local “dumplings” that has som Germin naym I ferget.

We saw lotsa kitteez ther, incloodin som moovee starz I nevr herd of, an a big grey Perzhun whu Alek sed ownz a doggee toy empyr. (If yu can’t beet them, mayk monnee off them, I ges.)

As we wer leevin, I notissd a gy sweepin leevz out of the lobbee. Mor of them treez insyd a bildin! Veree stranj. But it givd me a brilliant ideer…

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Pamela said...

The suspense is killing me! Can't wait to hear the brilliant idea. Trees, huh? Will you disguise yourself as a burd, Agent M? (I mean Eight?)