Friday, July 24, 2009

Rekonnasins, Kittee Style

Mom Says:

Alek drove Agent Octavian to the white concrete building with the darkened windows and parked. He got out and opened the back door, and Octavian leaped out.

“Good luck, Eight,” he said.

Octavian strolled into the bank, his black plume of a tail held high.

Herr Direktor Schmidt covered his surprise with polished ease as the black cat strolled up to him and sat at his feet next to the polished brass ventilation grille.

The lights glinted on the gemstones in the cat's collar, and he scratched his ear.

“Herr Octavian,” said Schmidt. “It is a pleasure.”

“Hayr Shmit, thanx fer meetin me. I herd gud thins about yer bank bak in Londin.”

Schmidt led him into his office, which was all dark wood and soft leather. “So kind,” he said. “In your letter you indicated that you might be interested in taking advantage of our…special services.”

Octavian jumped up on the leather armchair and curled his tail around his feet. “Wel, yu noe how it is. I mayd mor monnee in wun of mai…biznissiz… than I egspektid, an I had to put all the ekstra in mai littr boks, an now it’s all kinda stinkee, if yu noe what I meen.”

“Er, quite. Well, I’m sure we can accommodate you. Your secretary will be arranging the delivery, I presume?”

“Yes, he’s verree gud at that stuff. So, yu do all the werk heer in this bildin?”

“The majority of it, by far, jah. The principality of Lichtenstein is so small that we must build down, you see, so the building is more considerable than it may appear.”

“Yu don’t sae,” said Octavian, as Schmidt escorted him out.

Musashi Sez:

There was som mor stuff, lik, “Oh whut a nys contree yu hav heer, wift all the mountenz, “ etc., but yu wudn’t be innerestid in all that. I went hom to the hotel an tuk a nap.

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Pamela said...

I wouldn't trust that Hayr Shmit as far as I could throw him. . .