Friday, July 10, 2009

Mai Promoshun!

Todae Ms. Dench sae mai teetchrz yoonanimously votid fer me to skip rest of traynin an go on a praktis mishun!

Mai Khemistree teetchr wanted me to go somplaes calld Norftkoreer, an mai parashootin teetchr wanted me to go to Norftpol, but Ms. Dench sed we’d start wift Licktenshtyn, sins I alreddee nappd on lotsa books about it, an she thingks it's the kin of mishun that needz a kittee'z tutch. An if I do reellee well, she's goin to put me in IS, the Inter-Speciez divizhun.

So I got a week off to perpayr, an then I starts mai spyin!!!

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