Monday, July 20, 2009

Tranzlayshun Teknolojee

Musashi Sez:

So Q just sent me not only the fansee layzr cuttr, but also his newest invenshun, the LingwaTron 9000K. The K version meen yu kin press buttnz wift yer klaws. This is verree egsytin. I’v ben testing mai mom on pfrazis lik “Hello,” “Good morning,” “Thank you,” and “Cheers!” She noez a whol lot mor than I thogt she wud, but she rmindid me that she went to Midulburry fer collidj, an everboddee ther noe lotsa verzhuns of lotsa werds, espeshullee “cheers.” She didn’t egsplayn wai. She jus sed, “We’ll, yu noe: collidj…”

Anneewae, I hav memerizd how to sae, “I am flooent in bizniss” in 6 langwudjiz, an I figgr that wil tayk me pertee far. Meenwhyl, I has to lern by nappin on mai Gettin to Noe Yer Lingwatron 9000K.


Pamela said...

Be sure to learn "Shaken not stirred" in those 6 languages. Nap on the user manual for a long time . . .

Musashi said...

I hasn't reeseevd the bartendin 1 that Jimbond sed he'd send. But he sed the saym thing: yu gots to be verree preesys about yer dringkin wadder an stuff.