Saturday, October 31, 2009


Musashi Sez:

(Sigh!) I loves mai mom. She kin be verree cool, lik wen I wants to unnerstan the inner werkins of her printr an she tellz me that mai paws cud mayk it not werk, so she stan ther to keeps me from tutchin it but she don’t throws me out into the livin room. Cuz she unnerstan how amayzin that whrrrrr! sound is! Jus lik the DVD playr, almos.

But she not alwaez so gud at LOLCat speek. She alwaes tryin to yooz whut the Frentch callz “Foz-ameez” or fals frenz, werds that soun the saym in yer langwudj, but don’t meen the saym thin. So yestertsdae, I tol her I wanted to dress up like goetz, an she talks about beerdz and othr stuff, but she soun lik she unnerstan, so I dozn’t thingks mutch mor abouts it. Then this mornin, she tellz me about the costoom she thogted up fer me, wift a beerd and hornz and eevn hoofs!!!

An I sez, “Whut’s that???”

An she sez, “Is goets costoom, lik yu sed.”

An I sez, “That not a goets. A goets go “Whuuu-ooooo! an floets aroun in yer closit. An mebbe he som ded gy whu can’t tayk the nap, so he gots to floets aroun. I don’t thingk he gots to hav beerd. An them hornz an hoofz are kinda judjmentl, dontchu thingk?”

“Wait!” she sez, lookin all confuzzld. “Yu meens ghost?”

An I sez, “Yah, yu kin call it goast if yu wantu.”

An aftr that it tukt som time, so we din’t get a gud pikchur of me, but if yu imajin all the orinj parts on this pikchur to be blak, the yu gots the right ideer!

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