Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Verree Grayt Artst

Musashi Sez:

I hav jus desydid to becom cultchrd kittee, which is hard werk, cuz it meen yu got to noe about art and myoozeeumz and myoozik and jeogruphee. So I figgr I shud start wher I got the mostest noe-lidj, which is stuff to do wift kitteez. I’ll start wift the kinda art that is pikchurz, cuz they eezee to find on the interwebs.

I tell yu about this crayzee gy, Hiroshige. He was from Japan an he likd to draw pikchrz of playsiz. Somtimz he eevn incloodid kitteez, lik in this pikchur heer, which ar pertee faymus. This meen yu ar sposta say, “Oooh, whut a pertee pikchur! That gy a mastr!”

We do anothr artist tomorrer, if yu’r verree gud. Kthxbai.

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Pamela said...

Hey! Your mom and I saw one of those at an antiques market last weekend.