Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hallo-Ween is Comin!

Musashi Sez:

I wuz jus lookin at Mom’s calendr, an it sez that HalloWeen is comin nex week, so I gots to figgr out a reellee gud costoom to wayr. Peeples has givd me the yoozhual sugjestshuns: blak cat (huh, so orijinul), vampyr (whut am I? som sparkul gy?), spy (yah, an mom’ll go as a Inglush teetchr), an Boheemian arteest. Now that las one don’t sound so bad, altho I don’t noe if I kin keep one of them barayz on mai hed so gud. But I does lik drorin pikchrz. Mom droo a pikchur of a fish at church tonigt, but she has a stranj church. But it a verree good drorin of a fish. Eevn mayd me hongree!

Which remind me, ther still som toonr in mai bowl. Latr, bai.

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