Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nu Ideerz fer Hallo-Ween

Musashi Sez:

So mai mom wuz lookin on the interwebs fer a gud pikchur of folks lik me figtin in a bar figt, an among all the rong pickchurz wuz one of Captin Crunch. He is a seeryul saylor, lik on a bot, an he has a reellee cool costoom, so now I am considerin bein him when I dress up to be somboddee eltz this yeer. Mom sez that his costoom sugjest that he wuz figtin in the Napoleen Warz. To this I sez, Huh, yu don’t say.

An Mom sez, “Um, Musashi, you do know who Napoleon was, don’t you?”

“Som gy whu started som warz?” (This is a trik mom togt me herself. Is calld contestualizayshun, but yu don’t uzhual win aneethin.)

“Yes…He was a lot like Alexander the Great.”

“A littul gy whu wuz doin that Werld Dominayshun thing?”


“Huh. But Captin Crunch jus a seeryul gy, rigt? He not tayk ovr aneebodee’s contree, rigt?”

“Not as far as I know.”

“OK! Then cud you mayk me hiz hat an them cool yellow brayded sholdr thins?”

Mom lookst at me verree seeryuslee. She sez, “Hm. Well, I could make a paper hat, but I don’t think you have enough shoulders to make the epaulettes work.”

I sigd. “Wull, ok. Then YOU be Captin Crunch an I be comin up wift anothr ideer.”


Pamela said...

Is a cereal sailor anything like a cereal killer?

Musashi said...

O no. I leevs mom's cheery-os striklee alon. Now if she wer eetin frootloops, that migt be anothr thin. I doesn't lik the sitrus.