Thursday, October 15, 2009

Noa is Borin, L’ets Talk About Somthin Els

Musashi Sez:

Well, I ben halpin mom writ mai othr blog about mai egsytin lif as a spy. So in compayrsn, this Noah gy wift the big boet is not neerlee as innerestin. So I figgr I shud talk about somthin els. Lik mom’s nu sneekrz, fer egzampl.

See, she got theez ol whit sneekyz that is reellee old, like 6 yeers or so, an they is startin to dis-inner-grayt, which meen fall apart, on the insyd. An sins she wayr them fer kungfu, which is lik, kickin peeples, this not so gud. So she got theez funnee lookin nu shooz that are mayd wift HEMP-but-yu-no-smokz-it. Which is funnee naym fer a mateeryul, if yu aksks me.

Aneewae, she luk sillee wen she wayr them, lik a clown. An she call ME Bozo wen I is egzersyzin mai claws on the ottrman. Huh. She the bozo.

An I proovs it. I gives yu 2 piktchurz an yu has to figgr out whch sneekrz is which.

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