Monday, October 19, 2009

Anothr Grayt Artist (An Lokl!)

Musashi Sez:

Ther a almos eevn betterer artist, naymd Patrick McDonnell, an he liv in Nu Jerzee. He mayks the comic strip calld MUTTS, wift our heroz, Mooch the Kittee and Earl the doggee. But Patrick also drowrz the Sundae pictchur fer his comic somtims to match the art of som othr mastr art gy or gal, and heer is one of mai persnl fayvrits, cuz it matchz the pictchur I shows yu last tim by the Japaneez mastr, Hiroshige.

So, this one of them cultchurl thins wher if sombodee shows yu one of theez, yu kin showz how smartypants yu ar by sayin, “Whut, whut! That look jus lik the renoend mastrpees of ol’ whutshisnaym, eh whut?” It halps if yu do this wift British aksent, cuz it mayks folks mor impresst.

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