Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eevn Mor Costoom Ideerz

Musashi Sez:

It turn out that perpayrin fer HolloWeen is compulkaytid. Well, at leest we got mom all set. I thingk she’ll mayk a verree good Captin Crunch, altho she doesn’t seem so shur. But she can’t be a samurai. She did that las yeer.

Meenwhyl, I ben surfin on the interwebs fer mor ideers, an heer’z whut I com up wift.

Ferst, ther is Robn Hud. He the fox that stolt from the rich peeples an givd the monee an fud an stuff to the poor peeples. He hadsd a bow an arroz an cud aim verree gud wift them. He also leepin over walls an havin pikniks in the forest, wher all them treez ar. An he had a reellee impressive tayl, lik me.

Then, ther that speedee gy, Lans Armstrong. I has invisibl bysikul, so all I needs is a yello shert. An I zooms! around the hous an okayzhunallee stops fer a dringk of waddr, aftr I wins eetch stayj of mai big Frentch contest. (Is jus pertend—I not reellee goin to Frants. I migt run into maiself ovr ther, an they sez that’s danjrus.)

An speekin of speedee, I also ben thingkin about bein Mistr Toad. He was sorta lik a frog but he had a cool hous an lotsa monnee and he gotst into trubbul wift his frends all the tim, espeshul wift his rays car. So I cud be zoomin! around wift this costoom too.

So. Whutchu thingk? Doez yu gyz hav anee betterer ideers? I is all eers, egsept wher I am a tayl, which is a lot.

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