Saturday, December 27, 2008

That Midwinter Nap-thing, and More

Musashi Sez:

OK. So yu hav ben listenin to humin peeple's myoosic for the last 3 or 4 weeeks, an yer brains is mushy. Is natchural. That fa lalala cud make Mister Einstin's brain mushy in a day or 2. I kin help yu wift that. Furst, yu needs to hav a nap. Nappin is the anser to mos thins. Srsly. Sekind, yu needs better myoosic. I'm workin on that. This is Musahsi's Carrol-song TRANSLATION PROJECT. I'm goin to traslayt humin carrol-songs into kittee langwaje: lolcat. It's a differkult projekt, but I'm a perty smartypants kittee. I'm going to start wift "Good King Where'sMySausage" and go on from ther. If yu has sepifsick. no spersepfik, no, spec, no, ERGMeerp Meep MeerUp?.

If ther's a song yu wants tranzlaytid, yu jus e-mail me, OK? Gud.

Mom Explains:

He's not joking, not about the importance of the Nap, not about the importance of Songs. So let us know what you are most interested in hearing translated. Please. Or he'll just make something up.

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