Friday, December 19, 2008

Mergency Alert!!!

Musashi Sez:

Okay, peeples, yu'r not goin to beleev this: THE WURLD IS TURNIN WHYT!!!

It started happenin befor dinner an at furst I din't notis. Then I luuks owt the windo and the street is whyt an the sidwalk is whyt an humin peeples is runnin in the whyt stuff like in a litter box. Mom sez it's not problim, but it's awful weerd. Mom sez it's cuz owtside is so cold an the clowds in the sky ar full of whyte stuff an somtimes the clowds brake up an fall down. Parently, this only happen in winter cuz the cold makes the clowds hevvy. I bet they don't exersize proppurly when it's cold. Mom sez that's why I'm getting big now.

Anyway I figgered yu all shud noe about this amazin weerd thin. Oh an I almos forgot. Is called "SNOW." See, even srsly weerd name.

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