Saturday, December 6, 2008

P'lite Kitty Intraduces Hisself

Musashi Sez:

Oh hai. My name is Musashi. I wuz named after MIYAMOTO MUSASHI who has his picture here. I wuz going to be D'ARTAGNAN becuz of my big plumy black tail, but mom is just wierd. An she likes Japanese stuff. Anyway, I has lots of opinions. Also, I am lerning to spell from reeding lolcats on This is mai fayvrite website, an I like websites cuz then the kapyuter does cool stuff. I cud watch it all day if mom dint chase me away when I axidently erase somthin. So mom wuz telling me about these books from the Michelin Man, an how he goes to resturrants where they feed him and he gives them stars. So I sed, Cool. An she sed wuld yu like to start a blog. It's yur own website. And I sed, Purrr! So she helpd me make this. I will tell yu all about good stuff I know, like litter and toys and how to catch toes, and movies with cats in them or mebbe swordsmen. An mom will help with the hard wurds, cuz she spells thins for a livin. Okay. Yu go have nap now.

Mom Explains:

Okay, first, I'm not weird, I'm culturally competent, got it? Second, I figured if he's going to go around sitting on people's keyboards, then he ought to have a chance to erase some of his own work. Then he'll see how he likes it. But third, he really does have some interesting opinions about toys and movies (mind you, we don't always agree). And the jury is still out on the whole "attacking the toes" issue. But I'm with him on the naps.

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