Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Exersize Proppurly

Musashi Sez:

After plae time on Toosday, mom came into the livin ruum and waved a shiny stick around in slow moshun. She sed that it was a TAI CHI SWORD (I askd her to spell) an that she was exersizing. I don think she noes much about exersize, cuz she wasn't doin any jumpin or runnin. There was one bit wher she almos pounced, but then it wasn't. She sed that swords is weppons like claws except from mor distins, but I looked at wher she was stabbin an there was nothin there. But the stick smelled nice, so I gess she can pertend to exersize like that if she wants to.

But I figger that normal peepuls shud noe better, so I'm goin to tell yu the rite way to exersize. If you does it rite, then yu kin stay sleek an yur fur will be shiny. (Cuz shiny fur is better than shiny stick.) First thin yu need to noe is that yu has to stretch a lot. Evry hour or so yu shud stretch yur hol body so yu'r almos inside out. Then yu has to pick at leest 2 times a day to do the seerius exersize. I likes sunrise an sundown. Mom doesn't like sunrise. She hides unner the blankits. But I run all aroun the hous, in all the rooms that don't has doors shut. An I jump on the bed an on the windo sills an on the ottermans an on the couch an on the bed agin, cuz mom's feets need to get out of the blankits even if she don't want them to go. An I run som more. I dringk som watter too, cuz yu gots to stay watterated when yu exersize. Somtimes I do som huntin too, wift the balls or the moussees. It dapends on the day. Yu gots to keep it innerestin.

Mom Explains:

I did try to point out that tai chi sword is also a form of meditation, like sitting on the windowsill and watching the seagulls. Musashi's tail often moves in slow motion when he's watching the birds. I also suggested that he try doing his meditating at sunrise, rather than, say, jumping on my feet. But no luck.

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