Sunday, December 21, 2008

This "Snow" Biznus

Okay, so this whol snow thin is jus about mor'n I kin unnerstan. I jus keeps luukin out the windo and seein all the whyt stuff everwher. Of cors I gets mom up, an getting her feets owts from unner the blankits isn't eazy, speshully on a Sunday. An then she tells me is natchurl fer snow to be fallin. Is jus winter bein winter.

That's jus reedikyulus.

So I asks her, "Wher does all these clowds com from that they kin fall on our sidewalk? Ther kan't be that many clowds in Massa Chewsitts (that's wher I liv)." An she sez, "Well, they probable com up from the sowth, cuz places like Florida an Texas got lots of extra clowds an mebbe they wants a vaycayshun."

Huh. I spose that makes sens. But still. I tries to climbe up the windo an catch som of these clowd peeces. "FLAKES" mom callz them. But they not com in. Mom sez, "Yah, be glad they not com in. We'd be up to heer in snow an we alreddy up to heer in paper cuz of mai classes." An that's tru. At leest paper is warm, an yu can have nap on it.

Still, somboddy ought to tell snow to go away. Mom sez that's why peeples pray. They say, "Hey, Ceiling Cat! Yu pretty grate. Yu no send mor SNOW now, cuz we alreddy got enougf. Kthxbai." She sez that's what THEOLOGY is fer, so we gots somboddy to blame fer stuff like this. I thingk mebbe she's rigte. So mebbe if everboddy gets up on their windo sills an prays reely hard, Ceiling Cat will send all this stoopid snow somwher else.

Okay. Yu go pray to Ceiling Cat now. Then yu go hav nap.

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