Friday, December 19, 2008

Musashi Makes Som Po-et-tree Fer Yu

Musashi Sez:

Okay. I ben thingkin about po-et-tree sinse las time. Mom was tellin me about how yu makes FREE VERSE po-et-trees. Is importint to stop yer lines in the middul of whut yu'r sayin, espeshully so yu kin start a line wift the name of somthin. Also, humin peeples like the vers bits (like paws, exsept fer po-et-tree insted of kittees) to all has the same number of lines. She calls that SYMMETRY, I gess cuz of bein the same. So I decides to make a po-et-tree fer yu. An also to tell yu about the Gypshun peeples. Is lik eetin 2 burds in 1 bowl.

Musashi's Po-et-tree Wift Pyramids In It

I tell yu now of the Gypshun peeples
wise wershippers of kittees
the bilders of pyramids.

Far, far away, fartherer than Texas
is Gypsha, the cuntry of Tut
an Kleopatra, who were pretty speshul

an the Gypshun peeples gave them
toys an shiny stuff an bowls of cool
wadder (cuz Gypsha only has

Nily wadder, an that don’t soun so tasty)
but Tut an Kleo, they gave toys
an shiny stuff an bowls of cool

wadder to kittees. O Bilders of
pyramids, O eeters of moussees
How wise is Tut! How smartypants Kleo!

Okay. I tell yu about the Supfinx anothr tim. This po-et-tree stuff is hardr than it luuk. I go nap now.

Mom Explains:

I was telling Musashi about the Egyptian goddess Bast, or Bastet, and he said, "I noe that. Evrybuddy noe about Ceiling Cat, who hav lots of names. All rodes leed to the top of the buukcase. Tell me about this po-et-tree thin insted. How yu do it?" So I did.

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