Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bestest Cat Toy Ever So Far

Musashi Sez:

So las week mom got me a new toy. Is pretty speshul cuz I can kick it or chew on its long crinkle legs (an it has lots of legs, mebbe four, an a tail also). Mine is a mousee (his name is Victor, cuz mom is wierd), but yu kin get a piggee or a bunnee, if you wants. His hed is full of the ‘nip an his tummee is a bell, so he smells gud an he souns gud and he chews gud and you can also walk him around if you has help from yer mom or dad (it rekwires thums). Is not danger toy, so if mom an dad go to work or skuul, yu kin still plays with him. An ther’s different colors too. I gives him four stars.

Mom Explains:

I am not weird. However, this toy does inspire the Victory Laugh, because of Musashi’s incredible acrobatic and Matrixy skills of jumping, rolling, bouncing off the side of the ottoman and ending up pretty close to whatever he was aiming at, even when he gets twelve inches off the ground in the process. This actually happens pretty often. Both the getting close to what he was aiming at and the getting a foot off the ground. He is an aerial kitty. So of course I perform the Victory Laugh as a sign of respect. There is no mockery intended at all. None. Zero. Zip.

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Nancy said...

We used to be able to find similar toys (octopus head instead of mousehead, but otherwise...) but they have disappeared from the stores. Ambrose has always enjoyed it, Magda a little less so, but Mom and Dad's cat Timothy goes absolutely BANANAS for it...WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS ONE?!