Monday, December 29, 2008

Loshun a Kittee Kin Ignor

Musashi Sez:

Somtimes mom rubs on pretty awful loshun an it smells so bad I has to lick it off her. Only now she dusn’t. She has ben rubbing on this Burt Bee loshun instead. It smells like normal stuff, so I kin ignor it an get on wift the bizness of jumping and leaping and attackling peeple’s toes. An the other gud thing is if I see her rubbing it on, I kin reminds her to giv me mai cat-hair goop so I don’t couff up so many hairballz. I gives it three stars. The loshun, I mean. Also cuz mom likes the compny cuz it's “reesponsibull” or somthin. I let her tells yu, cuz it rekwires way too much spelling.

Mom Explains:

Holy Mackerel, is Burt’s Bees cool or what? They use all natural ingredients in everything they make. They don't test their stuff on animals. And they are working toward using Only Sustainable Packaging. This is abso-bloomin-lutely amazing. Even if all the manufacturers of all the products we used stopped using toxic ingredients (like that will happen in our lifetime) and completely stopped using animals for source "material" and testing "sites," we would still be tossing billions—yes, billions—of tons of non-biodegradable waste into the ground. What a cool company! Check them out at

Musashi Explains Further:

She sounz pretty happy. This is probable the purfect tim to ask fer a treet.

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